Friday, 3 April 2015

Desire Web World Client FAQ

Desire web world is the pioneer in web service provider. Many of our clients ask some questions like.

What is the web service and how will we get benefited from web service?
Web service means providing client information in electronic form on internet. And that information is available 24x7 on internet for people help or business development purpose. If anybody wants this information he/she can get easily from the internet.

 Then the next question, how will you do it?
We solve the problem of our client through various techniques like web design and development, e-commerce design and development, portal solution design and development, Multi level marketing (MLM) design and development. Basically we provide electronic form of information of our client either in static page or dynamic page.

Then the next question they will ask, what is the difference of static and dynamic web pages?
This is depending on the client requirement. What they want and how frequently they will change their information on internet like mostly contact information will not change in year. But the product information continuously upgraded. So, For our client we will provide both dynamically and static pages.

Client also demands, they want to change their information their own, then the question of our client I would like to change my information on website, how would I change this information?

Well this is most of the client requirement, for them we will provide our Content Management System (CMS) with any web service. Using this CMS client is very happy to upgrade their information on our website.

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