Friday, 3 April 2015

Desire Web World is a web service provider company.  They provide various types of services to our client. The motive of this company is to provide best quality web services to our client with cost effective rate. They have already designed and developed many normal website, ecommerce website, Portal Solution, Multi Level Marketing templates which are always available to their website ( Client can grow their business by using these types of templates or web services. Client can push their information to his/her customer using these services like they can create their own online store to sale their products. Not only the sale their product but also they can manage the communication with their customer by providing their personal login id to maintain their long lasting relationship with every customer. On the other hand they can improve their services by providing customer care portal. This portal will always provide help to improve their service and relationship with customers. Desire web world services are not limited to personal computer or laptops. They offer their services to other devices also like android mobile phones, android tablets, iPhone , iPads. 

Desire Web World is founded by alumni of Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad. They are expertise in web services, Web service is one of the way to reaching the right information of to the needed individual person or business.  This information can be a plain text or with rich media like images, video.  In Desire Web World people are very innovative, they build their own product called Desire Online Test Solution and they call it DOTS. DOTS is an amazing product, it gives the platform to the organization to conduct their own online test and with the help of rich media they represent the information of the organization like graph, This kind of information is very useful to organization, to know their growth and weak points. Basically it also helps to develop intellectual property of the organization in the form of producing best results. Beside this they are also developing one more product called Desire Health Care Solution, they call it DHCS. This Solution help to connect various medical user in one place, Like Doctor, Hospital, Patients, Pathology, Medical Store, Insurance Company. Desire Health Care Solution will make all the medical information available to every user 24 x 7.

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